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Safe and eco-friendly Chinese lanterns from Sky Lanterns Online.


Sky Lanterns Online, the original importer of high quality, safe, Chinese lanterns. Don't let cheap and inferior sky lanterns spoil your event!                                                     Enjoy the launch of your Chinese lanterns the safe way and read our easy to understand safety guide. Don’t have time now? Each customer also receives a free copy with every order. If you are unsure about anything to do with your order or the use of Chinese lanterns please get in touch. Call us today on 01453 833872.

  • Chinese Sky Lanterns

    Chinese Lanterns
    Wire free, non drip fuel cell with fire retardant paper suitable for all occasions. Safe for you & the environment.

    £1.19 each
  • Premium Sky Lanterns

    Stunning Premium Sky Lanterns
    Large, cylindrical, durable, Thai style lanterns. All our Sky Lanterns are 100% degradable.

    £1.65 each
  • Coloured Sky Lanterns

    Coloured Chinese Lanterns
    Beautiful day or night mixed coloured Chinese Lanterns light up the sky. Coloured Chinese Lanterns are suitable for all occasions.

    £1.68 each
  • Candle Bags

    Candle Bags
    Bring some romance to any event with candle bags. Pop one or two tealights into each bag for a beautiful display.

    £0.45p each
  • Illoom Balloons

    Add a little extra light to your party with our fabulous high performance range of Illoom Balloons!

    £3.47 for 5
  • Outdoor Solar Fairy Lights

    Take the party outside with our fabulous high performance range of outdoor solar fairy lights. As bright as mains bulbs and no wiring required!

  • Large Chinese Sky Lanterns

    When only really big sky lanterns will do - Not available anywhere else in the UK. Experienced launchers only!!

    £2.60 each
  • Sky Lanterns Wedding Packs

    Printed Chinese Lanterns
    Sky Lanterns are the hottest wedding accessory in 2011. Why not try one of our printed or personalised Chinese Lantern Wedding packs.

    £1.99 each
  • Street Party Packs

    Having a Party? We have party lanterns and candle bag packs with up to 28% off.

    £28% off!!
  • Shaped Sky Lanterns

    Shaped Sky lanterns
    Football and heart shaped Chinese Flying Lanterns. These shaped Sky Lanterns are perfect for special occasions.

    £5.00 each
  • Heart Shaped Sky Lanterns

    These heart shaped lanterns are perfect for that special occasion. 

    £5.20 each
  • Outdoor Led Furniture

    The LED Mood Furniture is made from white Polyethylene and contains multi coloured LED's that allow it to go through a vibrant colour change.